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Welcome to the Marina del Rey personal injury attorneys at “Ehline Law Firm PC”. Having lived and worked in this dockside town since 2000, attorney Michael Ehline only moved away when the expansion of the SR-90 wreaked havoc on the traffic safety and lives of his family, after seeing and being in several bicycle related accidents and crosswalk incidents.  However, he still works and litigates negligence claims in MDR, and the firm he manages, has collectively recovered over twenty million dollars in verdicts and settlements, for injured residents and passers by, throughout the county.

When you need an aggressive and competent tort lawyer, it is always helpful to get someone in the know about the locality when the catastrophic events took place, and how the local courts and liability insurance adjustors tend to act and react. Take a look at our page, and it you have further questions about hiring the best personal injury law firm, contact us at (310) 331-8775.

Local Marina del Rey Negligence Attorneys

Dog bite from riding a bike in Mothers Beach, Marina del Rey

Don’t forget to walk your bike at cross walks. It is not a “side ride”

This city is one of the few unincorporated seaside communities in Southern California that in the 2010 census report had 8,866 residents. Since that time, the population, as well as the accidents have exploded. This is a city that is home to the largest man-made small craft harbor that has 19 marinas and has the capacity for 5,300 boats. MDR is located in Los Angeles County, between the city of L.A. and the unincorporated area of the county. It is attractive to professionals like Ehline Law Firm, A Professional Corporation, as there are no city taxes, which can kill small businesses. It is also famous for hit and run drivers and motor vehicle accidents.

Lot of Places to Get Injured Marina del Rey accidents are a common eventThere are parks like Mother’s Beach, that are operated by the Los Angeles County Department of Beaches and Harbors, with harbor viewing areas, picnic tables and picnic shelters. The roadways for local residents and visitors are the Marina Expressway, and State Route 90, which can become congested with heavy traffic and where collisions occur often.  There is even a really fun water taxi! A reprentative who is the epitome of excellent, such as Ehline Law Firm’s polished, legal warriors, is crucial to have on your side, if you have been hurt, or suffered a fatality in your family due to negligence. Ehline Law Firm PC have a history of protecting their clients rights and recovering the compensation victims are entitled.

Accidents happen, but when they cause injury, dismemberment, burn, blindness or death, due to the careless or reckless actions of another’ s actions or inaction, our firm can hold them responsible for the plaintiff-victim. We have the vast experience in this regard, and that is what is necessary to the injured client, or family who requires it, with millions recovered.

What Types of Cases do Our Tort Lawyers Usually Take?

Torts, which are basically harm to a person’s body, or mind.  These types of events can result in various afflictions, like a soft tissue related problem or malaise, which is usually a minor injury, all the way to a ruptured disc, or other serious injury. Our Marina del Rey personal injury attorneys have the experience to handle all types of these events, and a partial list of these types of cases includes:

  • Pedestrian injuries
  • Cruise ship, tour and charter boat injuries
  • Maritime worker injuries
  • Car accidents
  • Motorcycle crashes
  • Bus accident injuries
  • Big rig collisions
  • Bicycle collisions
  • Slip and fall injuries
  • Metrorail and train accident injuries
  • Dog bites
  • Defective product injuries
  • Wrongful death

How Does the Personal Injury Lawyer Win a Claim


Marina del Rey pleasure cruise accidents are on the rise in Los Angeles

First, since we have a history of being local, we know the area, the risks, and are familiar with the local courts. This gives us a distinct advantage when evaluating the liability in your case, and helps us argue better on your behalf when it comes to the brass tacks of getting you paid for your harm and lost time.

We offer a free consultation to evaluate your claim and will determine the negligent party. It is important to contact help immediately, so they are able to interview witnesses, collect evidence that could deteriorate and prepare your case. Every case is prepared to go into court, even though many settle before going to court, this ensures that the negligent party is held accountable and compensation that is deserved is recovered for the injured victim. Let us gently guide the family that has lost a loved one through the legal process to hold the negligent party responsible for their actions that led to the death on a water taxi, or on Mother’s Beach at Panay, or Palawan Way. All accidents whether they result in injuries or death are emotionally devastating and can change lives. Ehline Law Firm PC is committed to ensure the beat up victim, and the family can begin healing.

How Long Do I have to File a Legal Claim?

Filing a legal claim must be done within the statute of limitations and in most cases it will be one year from the date of the calamity, or death, unless the claim is against a state or government agency. When this occurs, the time limit to file the lawsuit is normally six months from the date of the injury or tragic, life ending event.

If the statute of limitations has run out, the injured victim or family will be unable to file a claim against the negligent party. It is also, unwise to wait for an extended amount of time to consult an experienced personal injury lawyer, since evidence can deteriorate and witness memories can fade. These factors could seriously diminish the amount of compensation your settlement is worth.

Contacting the Marina del Rey Personal Injury Lawyer

Contacting us if you have suffered injuries, is a great idea. Let us offer you a free confidential legal consultation for your financial disaster. Contact an inactive U.S. Marine to have as your counsel, at 888-400-9721 or by using our online form, to discuss your claim, before time runs out! Contact a Marina del Rey Injury Attorney Now!

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